Cactus in foreground, RV in back
Aerial view of campground
Shady RV site
RVs up on a hillside
Office Building

Welcome to Country Hills RV Park & RV Storage

Better than camping at your standard campground, Country Hills RV Park is your home away from home! Located in Beaumont CA, 1.2 miles South of Interstate Highway 10. We are a gated, full hook-up park offering both 30 & 50 amp service, and have sites to accommodate almost any size RV. Proud member of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce and Good Sam Club, we’ve been a part of the community for over 40 years. ​

We are located only 90 minutes away from Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and the beaches. We are only 30 minutes from Loma Linda Medical Center, Riverside, and Palm Springs. There are also many restaurants and shopping centers nearby.

Our management team works hard to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible and, along with our top notch maintenance team, we strive to make Country Hills RV Park one of the best RV resorts in Southern California.

On Site Amenities

30 or 50 amp Electric Full Hook-Up Sites
Some Pull Thru Sites
Swimming Pool
Guest Showers (quarters needed)
RV Storage
Public Dump Station
Laundry Facility
Enclosed Dog Park
Club House
Volleyball Court
Propane for sale
Free Send and Receive Fax
Free Document Printing up to 10 pages
Free California Notary Public Service by appointment


$58.00 per night 50/30 amp.
Includes water, sewer & electric*.
Based on 2 persons per site, all inclusive.
$5.00 for each Dog per day (Limit of 2 Dogs per site)
Additional Occupant Over 2 Years Of Age: $5.00 per night

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$325.00 per week 50/30 amp.
Includes water, sewer & electric*.
Based on 2 persons per site, all inclusive.
$15.00 for each Dog (Limit of 2 Dogs per site)
$20.00 Gate Card Deposit Required

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Extended Stays

$285.00 (29 ft. or less) or $325.00 (30 ft. or more) per week.
Includes water, sewer & electric*.
Based on 2 people per site, all inclusive. Must stay minimum 2 weeks or more.
$325.00 Refundable Deposit
$35.00 Tenant screening and background check
$15.00 for Additional Vehicle over 2 Vehicles
$15.00 for each Dog (Limit of 2 Dogs per site)
$15.00 for Additional Occupants over 2 people
$20.00 Gate Card Deposit Required

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Storage Rates
Monthly: Starting from $115.00 | Weekly: $65.00 | Daily: $25.00

$25.00 Registration Fee
$115.00 Refundable Deposit, plus $20.00 Gate Card Deposit required

Check-In is 1:00PM & Check-Out is 12:00 Noon
Late Check-Out is 3:00 PM - $5.00 (if site is available)
Late Check-Out must be arranged and paid for not later than 9:00 AM of the Check-Out day.

Our dump station is open to the public.

Reservations require a credit card to hold a site. If you do not call to cancel your reservation within 72 hours of arrival, one nights fee will be charged to your card. One time resort fee of $15.00 will be added to each reservation.

We are a gated community. A Gate Card is required to enter. One vehicle per entry. If you hit our gate you will pay a $250.00 repair fee immediately.

Rates may change without notice, please call to verify any rate changes. Please review our Park Policies.

Two Shady Hillside RV sites
View of the campground and mountains behind
Camping with a cactus
View over the campground
Swimming Pool with umbrella tables

Site Map

Country Hills RV Park Site Map

Click to view map as PDF.

Travel Directions

Please use the interactive map to find your directions to Country Hills RV Park.

Area Attractions

Beaumont Cherry Festival

Beaumont Cherry Festival

For more than 100 years, the Cherry Festival has been the biggest community event in Beaumont. Virtually the entire community participates in this four-day celebration, which features games, rides, booths, music, entertainment, and the best food and drink the Pass Area has to offer.

Big Bear Renaissance Faire

Big Bear Renaissance Faire

Go back in time and make an adventure of your day! Enjoy live music and entertainment across five stages throughout the fair. Experience live jousting and thrilling hand-to-hand combat in our main arena.

Cabazon Outlets

Cabazon Outlets

Nestled between the Santa Rosa and San Gorgonio Mountain Range, Cabazon Outlets is a 65,000 square foot retail shopping center featuring 18 specialty retailers in a relaxed open-air environment. Cabazon Outlets is a destination for over 15 million shoppers every year.

Gilman Ranch

Gilman Historic Ranch & Wagon Museum

Riverside County’s Gilman Historic Ranch and Wagon Museum preserves, celebrates, and interprets the history of late 1800’s California, from the Cahuilla Indians to the exploration and settlement of southern California and the San Gorgonio Pass.

Hadley Fruit Orchards

Hadley Fruit Orchards

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians believes strongly in Hadley Fruit Orchards’ mission to provide top-quality dates, dried fruits, nuts, and gifts, and to provide premium service to the customers who purchase and use their products.

Highland Springs Ranch and Inn

Highland Springs Ranch and Inn

Highland Springs Ranch and Inn is a 2400-acre historical landmark in the southern California region known as the San Gorgonio Pass. Highland Springs Resort is a respite offering family-friendly activities and festivals throughout the year.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree National Park. A fascinating variety of plants and animals make their homes in a land sculpted by strong winds and occasional torrents of rain.

Morongo Casino

Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa

Just 15 minutes from Country Hills RV Park, Morongo is one of only six AAA four-diamond casino resorts in California. Upon entering the casino, guests see a contemporary, retro-1960s interior. Light coves between overhead vaults, back-lit fabric draped between frames, and conically shaped light fixtures create a complex, ornate ceiling above the casino floor.


Oktoberfest at Big Bear Lake

Located in a quiet, forested town, Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest continuously ranks among the top Southern California festivals year after year. This authentic German celebration highlights family, friendship, and togetherness. Come hungry for a German feast fit for a king!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the world’s largest rotating tram car, travels over two-and-one-half miles along the breathtaking cliffs of Chino Canyon, transporting riders to the pristine wilderness of the Mt. San Jacinto State Park. Once you reach the Mountain Station — elevation 8,516 feet — enjoy two restaurants, observation decks, natural history museum, two documentary theaters, gift shop and over 50 miles of hiking trails.

Date Festival

Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival

Come experience a desert oasis: the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio, California. Originating as a festival to celebrate the end of the annual date harvest, the annual Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival welcomes over 250,000 guests each February.

Santa Rose San Jacinto Mountains

Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

Rising abruptly from the desert floor, the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument reaches an elevation of 10,834 feet. Providing a picturesque backdrop to local communities, visitors can enjoy magnificent palm oases, snow-capped mountains, a national scenic trail, and wilderness areas.

Soboba Casino Resort

Soboba Casino Resort

Soboba Casino Resort offers spectacular views of the San Jacinto Mountains and is located just outside the cities of San Jacinto and Hemet, CA. Situated on over 200 acres, the resort features a first-class casino, a hotel and PGA-rated golf course.

Reservation Requests

We are looking forward to meeting and serving you here at Country Hills RV Park. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm your reservation. Please note, reservations are not guaranteed until a deposit payment is made or is held with your credit card information. Please call if you are looking for a same-day reservation!

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